The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff carries a wide variety of practical health care products that have been carefully chosen by health care professionals to make life's daily tasks less difficult for people with physical disabilities. They specialize in products for people with arthritis in addition to products for caregivers with 200 products including adaptive equipment, specialized mattresses and cushions, ergonomic small kitchen appliances, bathroom equipment, neodymium magnets, ergonomic garden hand tools, adaptive clothing, mobility aids, joint supports and more.

Arthritis Aid - Shop for arthritis products, disability aids, assistive devices, therapy supplies, senior products, handicapped aids, bursitis treatment products and arthritis pain relief aids that make living with arthritis easier.

Caregiver Products - Caregiver Products from The Wright Stuff, Inc. specializes in care giving products, disability aids, elderly care products, nursing home supplies, home medical supplies and equipment products that help make life easier for caregivers and care recipients. They search for assistive devices to help caregivers in bathing, feeding, dressing, positioning and transferring their loved ones.

Mobility-Aids - Shop online for accessories for canes, crutches, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and gerichairs.

Canes and Cane Accessories: Folding canes, flashlight canes, bed cane, couch cane, ice cleat for canes, cane holders, cane straps. Use our "How to Size a Cane" guide for proper measurements.

Crutch Accessories: Ice cleat attachment, gel hand pads, gel grip pads, hand pads, and crutch holders.

Walker Accessories: Hand pads, walker baskets, walker bags, cup holders, walker skis, walker glides, walker tips, walker trays, walker holders.

Wheelchair Accessories: wheelchair backpacks, seatback bags, armrest bags, under seat bags, cane holders, crutch holders, oxygen tank carriers, walker holders, equipment holders, rim covers, wheelchair cushions, gel seat cushions, positioning aids, wheelchair safety aids.

Scooter Accessories: Scooter bags, seatback bags, armrest bags, tiller bags, under seat bags, equipment holders.


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